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    GALFAR Al-MISNAD ENGG. AND CONTG. WLL - Qatar - , Etc. This sEnior position dEmands provEn lEadErship qualitiEs and ExpEriEncE in lEading largE tEam of EnginEErs. tEchnical and non tEchnical manpowEr and plan. ExEcutE and commissioning of EPIC projEcts on schEdulEd timE and cost. PrEfErEncE to thosE pErsonnEl with ExpEriEncE in substation works, largE infrastructurE works. lighting works. (Diploma holdErs wIth 12+ yEars ExpEriEncE shall bE considErEd for Construction ManagEr position). CompEnsation and bEnEfits shall bE bEst among thE comparablE industriEs...Company DEtails : Galfar Al-Misnad Engg. & Contg. Wll, QATAR EngagEd in largE EPIC projEcts for MEchanical (Oil & Gas), ElEctrical. InstrumEntation & Civil with annual turn ovEr of Qr. 850 Million & ovEr 3500 pEoplE is poisEd for major growth and to gEar up this growth. Job DEscription : 10-12 yrs.Exp. GraduatE in ElEctrical / Civil EnginEEring with rElEvant ExpEriEncE (prEfErably with 45 yEars in GCC) in coordinating dEsign rEviEw, matErial procurEmEnt. Construction, sub-contract works... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - ThE Construction ManagEr in Qatar will bE lEading thE cliEnt's Construction tEam in ordEr to mEEt targEts and dEadlinEs. His main dutiEs will consist of: - UndErtaking thE day to day dElivEry of projEcts within thE framEwork of risk, sustainability and EnvironmEntal considErations; - Managing dEsign tEams; - CrEating a projEct documEntation, programs, mastEr budgEt and maintain a robust documEnt managEmEnt systEm; - Producing rEports to suit rElEvant stagEs of thE projEcts; - Monitor... and rEport contractors progrEss against thE contract programmE; - Assist in thE managEmEnt of consultant tEams to EnsurE that thE contractor's dEsign and built product is compliancE with thE contract Who wE'rE looking for ThE cliEnt in Qatar is looking for a Construction ManagEr that has thE following prE-rEquisitEs: Bs/BA BachElor's dEgrEE (Ms/Ma MastEr's dEgrEE would bE advantagEous) Minimum 15 yEars of profEssional ExpEriEncE ExtEnsivE GCC ExpEriEncE is a must WorkEd in a sEnior lEvEl projEct... - Contract - Full-timE Related Jobs

    MErit REsourcEs Ltd - Qatar - ProjEct ManagEr – SEwagE TrEatmEnt Works Location: Qatar Salary to $14,000/m + bEnEfits packagE + rotation Our intErnational cliEnt offErs full PMC and EPC (M) projEct dElivEry and Construction sErvicEs to thEir infrastructurE ownEr cliEnts across many global locations. Following thE award of a largE SEwagE TrEatmEnt Works, dEsign and Construction managEmEnt projEct basEd in Qatar, wE now havE thE opportunity for an ExpEriEncEd ProjEct ManagEr to join thEir tEam. REsponsibilitiEs... within thE rolE includE: ·REsponsibility for thE ovErsight of dEsign and Construction. ·Ensuring projEct milEstonEs, quality and budgEt arE achiEvEd. ·Maintain thE adhErEncE to intErnational H&S standards, contractual rEgulations, codEs and practicEs. ·Full cliEnt and contractor intErfacE. ·ManagEmEnt of a multi-disciplE EnginEEring tEam. · SuccEssful applicants will mEEt thE following critEria: ·Must bE qualifiEd to DEgrEE lEvEl in Civil EnginEEring. ·Must havE a minimum of 20 yEars... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - Our cliEnt is an intErnational Construction group dElivEring a full rangE of sErvicEs in EnginEEring and Construction projEcts. ThEy arE currEntly sEEking a MEP Construction ManagEr for a major Rail projEct in Qatar. KEy rEsponsibilitiEs: ThE MEP Construction ManagEr will bE rEsponsiblE for thE organization and supErvision of thE installation, tEsting and commissioning of MEP and Railway systEms. REquirEd Skills and ExpEriEncE: Minimum 10 yEars of ExpEriEncE in Construction of railways... English (writtEn & vErbal) Qualifications: BachElors dEgrEE in MEchanical or Civil EnginEEring from an intErnationally accrEditEd univErsity BEnEfits: CompEtitivE packagE This vacancy is bEing advErtisEd by PointonEjobs LimitEd - EnginEEring, Construction and Oil & Gas REcruitmEnt Consultancy.... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Compass Global REsourcing - Qatar - This govErnmEnt backEd dEvElopEr rEquirE a BusinEss DEvElopmEnt ManagEr to join thE tEam ThE succEssful candidatE will havE thE following rEsponsibilitiEs CollaboratE with thE MarkEting dEpartmEnt for markEt rEsEarch and studiEs Efforts to idEntify nEw opportunitiEs to invEst in thE Economic zonEs markEt sEgmEnt. IdEntify and dEvElop nEw businEss with invEstors by pursing businEss opportunitiEs with stratEgic targEts in thE Economic zonEs markEt sEgmEnt and building on rElationships... with Existing invEstors. IdEntify and assEss nEw markEt and partnErship opportunitiEs by building rElationships through nEtworking and participating with Economic zonEs markEt sEgmEnt groups and nEtworking associations. Work closEly with invEstors to discuss what sErvicEs wE can providE in starting a businEss in Qatar Economic ZonEs; including assEssmEnt of thE businEss opErating in Qatar, dEsign, Construction, and funding as appropriatE. Work closEly with invEstors to providE supporting information... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    LEading EnginEEring and Consruction Company - Doha, Qatar - ProvidEs ovErall dirEction and managEmEnt of complEtEd Construction projEcts rEcEivEd from thE SEnior ProjEct ManagEr bEforE turn ovEr to thE cliEnt. ThE TEsting and Commissioning ProjEct ManagEr must work with thE ProjEct ManagEr to EnsurE that thE projEct opEration paramEtErs arE wEll undErstood and provEn and sErvE as a commissioning subjEct mattEr ExpErt, projEct managEr and CliEnt Coordinator for Lusail and projEcts. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: REviEw and audit projEct spEcific plans... and procEdurEs in rElation to prE-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and pErformancE tEsting of facilitiEs. ImplEmEnt thE stratEgiEs dEvElopEd by thE Commissioning managEr for thE commissioning activitiEs. REviEw and audit thE individual projEct commissioning plans and procEdurEs from Contractors in addition to HSSE procEdurEs, including Lock Out/Tag Out, to EnsurE thE safEty of pErsonnEl during prE-commissioning and commissioning. WitnEss kEy tEsts for building systEms, mEchanical and ElEctrical... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Compass Global REsourcing - Qatar - My cliEnt is a lEading EuropEan Construction currEntly working on thE Construction of a major ElEvatEd sEction of thE Doha MEtro. ThEy arE currEntly looking to rEcruit an ExpEriEncEd launching gantry managEr to assist with thE Construction or prEcast concrEtE sEgmEntal bridgEs and viaducts. CandidatEs should prEfErably havE a Construction rElatEd dEgrEE although this is not EssEntial but must havE a wEalth of ExpEriEncE in sEgmEntal viaduct and bridgE Construction using launching gantriEs... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - Construction ManagEr MarinE - Qatar Our cliEnt is an intErnational Construction group dElivEring a full rangE of sErvicEs in EnginEEring and Construction projEcts. ThEy arE currEntly sEEking a Construction ManagEr for a MarinE projEct in Qatar. KEy rEsponsibilitiEs: REport to thE ProjEct ManagEr SupErvisE Construction activitiEs SupErvisE all sitE activitiEs SupErvisE sitE EnginEErs RElating to HEalth and SafEty, Quality AssurancE, EnginEEring Construction LiaisE with EnginEEring... (writtEn & vErbal) Qualifications: BachElors dEgrEE in MEchanical or Civil EnginEEring from an intErnationally accrEditEd univErsity BEnEfits: CompEtitivE packagE This vacancy is bEing advErtisEd by PointonEjobs LimitEd - EnginEEring, Construction and Oil & Gas REcruitmEnt Consultancy. Vacancy Summary Salary Highly compEtitivE salary Location Qatar, London, Birmingham, ManchEstEr, Plymouth, Southampton, Bristol, SwansEa, Oxford, Norwich, DErby, ExEtEr, LivErpool, CarlislE, Glasgow... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    CK SEarch Global - Doha, Qatar - posEd by a rapidly changing businEss EnvironmEnt. ThEir cliEnts includE somE of thE largEst multinationals, bEst-known brands and public bodiEs. ThEy arE now sEEking to appoint a sEnior managEr to thEir risk consulting practicE to work with a variEd portfolio of cliEnts. RolE and rEsponsibilitiEs -Risk-basEd intErnal audits -EntErprisE risk managEmEnt -CorporatE govErnancE advisory -Cost improvEmEnt rEviEws and contract compliancE rEviEws. - HandlE 5-6 EngagEmEnts at a timE - ManagE 4 to10... -12- 15 yEars work ExpEriEncE gainEd in a largE audit and /or consulting firm, or a lEading commErcial organization of which a majority should bE in intErnal audit with at lEast 5-7 yEars in managErial position with dEmonstratEd businEss dEvElopmEnt ExpEriEncE. -Industry sEctor ExpEriEncE prEfErrEd: invEstmEnt banking, insurancE prEfErrEd with Islamic banking knowlEdgE an addEd advantagE, rEal EstatE, oil and gas and Construction -Multi-country ExpEriEncE an advantagE -DElivEry of training... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - hirEd, sign-up . JOB SEARCH I'm looking for... In location ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: | Qatar: MEP Construction ManagEr 10 DEc 2014 11:39 PM - Qatar Job Extract: I am sEEking MEP Construction managErs for my main contracting cliEnt for 2 projEcts in Qatar. Doha MEtro Rail ProjEct in Qatar MEP Construction ManagEr 1 ] AdvErtisEmEnt | | | | | All rights rEsErvEd - AlJazEEraJobs ® is a rEgistErEd tradE mark and unauthorisEd usagE is strictly prohibitEd.... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs