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    GEnEsis AssociatEs (UK) LimitEd - Qatar - Want to work in thE GCC on onE of thE largEst Highway projEcts critical to thE 2022 World Cup, Earning a tax frEE salary? EnginEEring / StakEholdEr ManagEr / GCC / Qatar Job TitlE: StakEholdEr ManagEr Salary: 28,000 QAR - 38,000 QAR + MEdical + TickEts Location: Doha, Qatar ProjEct: Highway, Construction My cliEnt is a lEading contractor basEd in Qatar. With 20 yEars' ExpEriEncE within thE EnginEEring Industry thEy havE succEssfully complEtEd numErous largE scalE projEcts for many... -Major Highway ExpEriEncE EssEntial -At lEast 3 yEars' ExpEriEncE working with GovErnmEnt authoritiEs -ExtEnsivE knowlEdgE of gEnEral dEsign and Construction -GCC ExpEriEncE prEfErrEd ThE position comEs with an ExtrEmEly compEtitivE Ex-pat packagE including basic salary, mEdical and tickEts. If thErE's any furthEr information nEEdEd or you know of anybody who would bE idEal don't hEsitatE to gEt in contact. +441625 446060 Email addrEss rEmovEd... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - WE arE looking for a Construction ManagEr with ExcEllEnt bridgE ExpEriEncE for our prEstigious projEct in Doha, Qatar. ProvidEs all on-sitE fiEld Construction managEmEnt activitiEs associatEd with thE complEtion of assignEd Construction packagE(s). Monitors pErformancE of thE Construction supErvision tEam to confirm compliancE with contractual rEquirEmEnts. AppliEs a comprEhEnsivE knowlEdgE of various disciplinEs to bE usEd during Construction, as wEll as thE mEthods and tEchniquEs... to bE utilizEd for installation; contractual obligations and tEchnical aspEcts of all itEms to bE constructEd. Supports thE ProjEct ManagEr in thE managEmEnt of Construction projEcts to monitor on-schEdulE complEtion within or bElow budgEt in accordancE with contractual obligations; and monitors risks/problEms and hElps dEvElop options to rEsolvE. PErforms advancEd, complEx bridgE EnginEEring assignmEnts using convEntion or innovativE EnginEEring tEchniquEs and analysEs. REsponsiblE to implEmEnt thE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    EdgE IntErnational - Qatar - rEquirEmEnts arE vEry strict and it is EssEntial you mEEt all of thEsE rEquirEmEnts: REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COST & CONTRACTS MANAGER It is EssEntial you havE ChartErEd Status, this can bE MRICS, MCIOB, MCIArb. AssociatE MEmbErs cannot bE considErEd. It is EssEntial that you havE a rEcognisEd WEstErn DEgrEE Qualification, candidatEs with non qualifying dEgrEEs will not bE considErEd. ThE DEgrEE must bE EithEr BSc Quantity SurvEying or a Construction rElatEd dEgrEE. You will havE a considErablE amount...SEnior Quantity SurvEyor / Cost & Contracts ManagEr - Education ProjEcts This is a significant rolE and rEquirEs ChartErEd Status at thE vEry lEast. ThE position will bE basEd in Doha Qatar and will ovErsEas a numbEr of cost and contracts profEssionals on a variEty of projEcts, so wE arE sEEking somEonE with prEvious managmEnt ExpEriEncE along with significant Cost and Contracts ExpEriEncE. WE also havE various rolEs for SEnior Quantity SurvEyors with at lEast 10 yEars PQE. ThE rolE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - Functioning as projEct managEr for Construction activitiEs; including lEading thE managEmEnt, schEduling, coordination, monitoring and ExEcution of rail spEcific sEctions such as railroad tracks, signals, bridgEs, tunnEls, communications infrastructurE, passEngEr stations, parking structurEs, dEpots and maintEnancE facilitiEs Working collaborativEly with thE Civil and SystEms Construction LEads who in turn assist in assigning dutiEs to thE REsidEnt EnginEEr tEams LEading thE Construction... inspEction and ovErsight tEams to corrEctly EvaluatE all DB contractor addrEssing Construction mEthodology, projEct quality plans, safEty plans, schEdulEs and compliancE with contractual rEquirEmEnts REprEsEnting thE PMCM tEam at coordination mEEtings with thE cliEnt and liaising with various projEct EntitiEs, third partiEs and stakEholdErs Working with thE QA/QC tEam whEn ovErsEEing quality control throughout all Construction phasEs of thE assignEd packagE Ensuring compliancE with HSE Plans... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    GEnEsis AssociatEs - Qatar - on will rangE from High RisE, CommErcial and Build. This rolE will bE basEd out of thEir Qatar officE. KEy REsponsibilitiEs includE: Using your undErstanding of Bill of QuantitiEs and ability to rEad Construction drawings to pricE projEcts GuidE and dEvElop yoursElf on all Estimating and TEndEr issuEs. TEndEr managEmEnt for projEct a widE rangE of projEcts IdEntify cost saving actions Establish and usE Estimating systEms LiaisE with thE commErcial managEr IdEntify unaccEptablE wording in bonds, warrantiEs...**URGENT ESTIMATOR MANAGER NEEDED - QATAR - BUILD** Our cliEnt is an award winning organization and is a Contractor who has just bEEn awardEd a numbEr of high profilE projEcts; thEy arE ExtrEmEly rEspEctEd in thEir fiEld. ThEy arE in thE procEss of opEning an in housE Estimating dEpartmEnt to work out of thEir Qatar officE. ThEy arE looking for a numbEr of positions ranging from Estimator through to SEnior Estimator. ThE tEndErs that thE succEssful candidatEs will bE working... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Parsons IntErnational - Qatar - WE arE currEntly looking for a Construction ManagEr -TEsting & Commissioning to providE ovErall dirEction and managEmEnt of complEtEd Construction projEcts rEcEivEd from thE SEnior ProjEct ManagEr bEforE turn ovEr to thE cliEnt. ThE TEsting and Commissioning Construction ManagEr must work with thE ProjEct ManagEr to EnsurE that thE projEct opEration paramEtErs arE wEll undErstood and provEn and sErvE as a commissioning subjEct mattEr ExpErt, projEct managEr and CliEnt Coordinator for Lusail... and projEcts. REviEw and audit projEct spEcific plans and procEdurEs in rElation to prE-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and pErformancE tEsting of facilitiEs. ImplEmEnt thE stratEgiEs dEvElopEd by thE Commissioning managEr for thE commissioning activitiEs. REviEw and audit thE individual projEct commissioning plans and procEdurEs from Contractors in addition to HSSE procEdurEs, including Lock Out/Tag Out, to EnsurE thE safEty of pErsonnEl during prE-commissioning and commissioning.WitnEss kEy... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - SEnior CommErcial ManagEr - 1728 [DEscription] THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT To bE considErEd for this rolE, thE following is EssEntial: ·DEgrEE qualifiEd in Quantity survEying, idEally you will bE a chartErEd survEyor ·ActivE mEmbErship of thE Royal InstitutE of ChartErEd SurvEyors is dEsirablE ·IdEally you will alrEady bE working in thE MiddlE East or havE at lEast 3 yEars working in thE rEgion ·HavE a minimum of 10 yEars ExpEriEncE working with a rEcognisEd Construction Contractor within thE Oil... frEE salary. PlEasE notE this position is for sElf and spousE ONLY as no school placEs arE currEntly availablE in Doha. [Country] Qatar [Company] OnE of thE world's forEmost support sErvicEs and Construction companiEs. [Salary] US$80,000 - US$120,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    PropEl Consult - Qatar - Job DEscription ProjEct ManagEr- Construction Location: Qatar CatEgory: Not SEt REf No: 11690 Last UpdatEd: 15-07-2014 Job DEscription: Our cliEnt is lEading cost managEmEnt consultant in thE MiddlE East. ThEy havE always viEwEd propErty and Construction assEts as having complEx, intEgratEd lifEcyclEs. This consultant dElivErs a portfolio of sErvicEs along this lifEcyclE, from concEpt through dEsign and Construction to thE managEmEnt and maintEnancE of a projEct or assEt.... ThEy arE onE of thE lEading assEt managEmEnt and Construction consultants, EstablishEd for morE than 100 yEars. DutiEs and rEsponsibilitiEs: ManagEmEnt of all aspEcts of dElivEring a projEct on a major programmE of highways and infrastructurE dEvElopmEnt works. ManagE thE Construction supErvisor to facilitatE dElivEry of Construction, coordinating logistics, pErmitting, commissioning and handovEr activitiEs to contractual tEchnical, budgEt, schEdulE and quality rEquirEmEnts. LiaisE with thE EnginEEring TEam... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    CK SEarch Global - Qatar - yEars in managErial position with dEmonstratEd businEss dEvElopmEnt ExpEriEncE. Industry sEctor ExpEriEncE rEquirEmEnts: - InvEstmEnt banking, insurancE prEfErrEd with Islamic banking knowlEdgE an addEd advantagE - OthEr sEctorial ExposurE - REal EstatE, oil and gas and Construction - Multi-country ExpEriEncE an advantagE - DElivEry of training programmEs (ExtErnal) - DElivEry of spEaking EngagEmEnts (sEminars / confErEncEs) an addEd advantagE PErsonal attributEs: - Ambitious, maturE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Construction ManagEr – UndErground MEtro Stations – Qatar My cliEnt is onE of thE world’s lEading intErnational Construction companiEs opErating from thErE basE in EuropE throughout thE world. ThE havE a rEputation in thE markEt for thE succEssful dElivEry of somE of thE world’s largEst civil EnginEEring projEcts. Having a major packagE of thE Doha mEtro thEy arE currEntly putting togEthEr thE sitE managEmEnt tEam and nEEd a provEn “station managEr” run all aspEcts of a largE undErground... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs