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    MElco - India - Doha, Qatar - to sEE all rEcommEndEd jobs, profilE viEws, rEcruitEr's contactEd information, updatEs and morE... PostEd 0 sEconds ago Login or Login to ViEw Notifications! Login-ID/Password cannot bE lEft blank. EntEr thE full Email ID (likE:, if you arE using rEgistErEd Email-id for login. Job AlErts(10) 3 hrs ago PlEasE providE inputs for at lEast onE fiEld SEarch GENERAL MANAGER - ConstructionS,REF:TRUSTGROUP Trust Group Trading & Contracting W.L.L. ExpEriEncE 10 to 15 yrs... Salary BEst in Industry Location Doha Hiring Location Doha KEy Skills Job Function Engg. projEct Mgmt./sitE Engg./Civil Engg. Industry Construction/CEmEnt/MEtal/StEEl/Iron SpEcialization Building/REsidEntial Qualification: Any GraduatE Job DEscription Qualification : BE Civil EnginEEr 10 yEars Gulf ExpEriEncE YEars ExpEriEncE is Infra ProjEct and Multi StorEy Building, Construction and EnginEEring fiElds. CandidatEs must havE ExpEriEncE in HVAC and BMS SystEm. FrEE BachElors... - PErmanEnt - Part-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Construction ManagEr (GCC ExpEriEncE is must) Arabian IntErnational Company in Doha – Qatar Nationality: Any Arabic National, Any EuropEan National, Indian Job DEscription REsponsibilitiEs - Mobilisation of adEquatE manpowEr and EquipmEnt. Ensuring prEparation of a projEct plan involving all aspEcts of thE projEct such as Construction quality control, procurEmEnt, storEs, documEnt control, HSE and so on. Managing manpowEr which includE sitE EnginEErs, supErvisors, othEr EmployEEs..., workErs Etc. and ovErsEEing Construction work. Ensuring smooth progrEss of Construction activitiEs in accordancE with intErnational standards and cliEnt spEcifications, work procEdurEs, local building codEs Etc. AdhEring to projEct timE schEdulE which includEs Construction timE schEdulE, procurEmEnt schEdulE, dEsign schEdulE Etc. Managing projEct costs or thE budgEt and looking for cost optimisation opportunitiEs. Ensuring implEmEntation of projEct HEalth, SafEty & EnvironmEnt (HSE) rEquirEmEnts... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - SEnior CommErcial ManagEr - 1728 [DEscription] THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT To bE considErEd for this rolE, thE following is EssEntial: ·DEgrEE qualifiEd in Quantity survEying, idEally you will bE a chartErEd survEyor ·ActivE mEmbErship of thE Royal InstitutE of ChartErEd SurvEyors is dEsirablE ·IdEally you will alrEady bE working in thE MiddlE East or havE at lEast 3 yEars working in thE rEgion ·HavE a minimum of 10 yEars ExpEriEncE working with a rEcognisEd Construction Contractor within thE Oil... frEE salary. PlEasE notE this position is for sElf and spousE ONLY as no school placEs arE currEntly availablE in Doha. [Country] Qatar [Company] OnE of thE world's forEmost support sErvicEs and Construction companiEs. [Salary] US$80,000 - US$120,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    GEnEsis - UnitEd Kingdom - Qatar - Want to work in thE GCC on onE of thE largEst Highway projEcts critical to thE 2022 World Cup, Earning a tax frEE salary? EnginEEring / StakEholdEr ManagEr / GCC / Qatar Job TitlE: StakEholdEr ManagEr Salary: 28,000 QAR - 38,000 QAR + MEdical + TickEts Location: Doha, Qatar ProjEct: Highway, Construction My cliEnt is a lEading contractor basEd in Qatar. With 20 yEars' ExpEriEncE within thE EnginEEring Industry thEy havE succEssfully complEtEd numErous largE scalE projEcts for many... *Major Highway ExpEriEncE EssEntial *At lEast 3 yEars' ExpEriEncE working with GovErnmEnt authoritiEs *ExtEnsivE knowlEdgE of gEnEral dEsign and Construction *GCC ExpEriEncE prEfErrEd ThE position comEs with an ExtrEmEly compEtitivE Ex-pat packagE including basic salary, mEdical and tickEts. If thErE's any furthEr information nEEdEd or you know of anybody who would bE idEal don't hEsitatE to gEt in contact. +441625 446060... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    CK SEarch Global - Qatar - yEars in managErial position with dEmonstratEd businEss dEvElopmEnt ExpEriEncE. Industry sEctor ExpEriEncE rEquirEmEnts: - InvEstmEnt banking, insurancE prEfErrEd with Islamic banking knowlEdgE an addEd advantagE - OthEr sEctorial ExposurE - REal EstatE, oil and gas and Construction - Multi-country ExpEriEncE an advantagE - DElivEry of training programmEs (ExtErnal) - DElivEry of spEaking EngagEmEnts (sEminars / confErEncEs) an addEd advantagE PErsonal attributEs: - Ambitious, maturE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - WE arE currEntly rEcruiting for an Assistant Construction ManagEr for our infrastructurE projEct in Doha, Qatar. You will support thE Construction ManagEr with on-sitE fiEld Construction managEmEnt activitiEs associatEd with thE complEtion of assignEd Construction packagE(s). Supports thE pErformancE monitoring of thE Construction supErvision tEam to confirm compliancE with contractual rEquirEmEnts as assignEd by thE Construction ManagEr. AppliEs a comprEhEnsivE knowlEdgE of various... disciplinEs to bE usEd during Construction, as wEll as thE mEthods and tEchniquEs to bE utilizEd for installation; contractual obligations and tEchnical aspEcts of all itEms to bE constructEd. Supports thE Construction ManagEr in thE managEmEnt of Construction projEcts to monitor on-schEdulE complEtion within or bElow budgEt in accordancE with contractual obligations; and monitors risks/problEms and hElps dEvElop options to rEsolvE and rEviEw/approval of thE daily and wEEkly rEports. Works with thE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    SErvicEs and Construction Company - Qatar - SEnior CommErcial ManagEr- 1728 [DEscription] Job ScopE: NEwly crEatEd sEnior position with onE of thE lEading Construction sErvicEs companiEs in thE world as a SEnior CommErcial ManagEr basEd in Qatar. IdEally you will bE alrEady bE working in thE MiddlE East or havE at lEast 3 yEars ExpEriEncE working in thE rEgion. DutiEs will includE, but arE not limitEd to: - CommErcially managing multiplE projEcts and lEading sEvEral diffErEnt commErcial tEams across thE businEss - MEntor your tEam... or havE at lEast 3 yEars working in thE rEgion - HavE a minimum of 10 yEars ExpEriEncE working with a rEcognizEd Construction Contractor within thE Oil & Gas sEctor [Country] Qatar [Company] SErvicEs and Construction Company [Salary] US$80,000 - US$120,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Rail Station Construction ManagEr A wEll known EuropEan Contractor is looking for sEvEral Station ManagErs to work on onE of thE most prEstigious railway projEcts in thE MiddlE East. ThE Rail Station Construction ManagErs rEsponsibility includEs: Evaluating Rail station projEct, prEsEnt cost / bEnEfits analysis at projEct dEcision points. Finalising rEquirEmEnts & spEcifications with consultants for sEvEral stations and undErground stations. AccountablE for projEct schEduling including... procurEmEnts & manpowEr planning. Participating in projEct rEviEw mEEtings for Evaluating progrEss & rEsolving thE arEas of bottlEnEcks. Anchoring on-sitE Construction activitiEs to EnsurE complEtion of projEct within stipulatEd timE & budgEtEd cost paramEtErs and EffEctivE rEsourcEs utilization to maximizE thE output/profit. Liaising with intErnal and ExtErnal agEnciEs, cliEnts, architEcts & consultants on dEtErmining tEchnical spEcifications, approvals for smooth ExEcution & obtaining on-timE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    VINCI Construction GRANDS PROJETS - Doha, Qatar - OffrE d'Emploi Qatar lrt mEp tEchnical managEr h/f Vinci Construction grands projEts Détail dE l'offrE DatE dE publication: Fri SEp 26 10:39:00 CEST 2014 Fonction : EntrEprisE : Localisation : TypE dE contrat : CDI SEctEur : PartagEr l'offrE : MémorisEr l'offrE EntrEprisE QDVC is a local contracting company foundEd in April 2007 with a joint vEnturE bEtwEEn Qatari Diar 51%, and VINCI Construction 49%. ThE light rail transit systEm (LRT) in Lusail is a dEsign-build... contract with a valuE of about EUR2 billion is bEing built by QDVC in a consortium with Alstom. It comprisEs Construction of 25 stations and a dEpot, architEctural and ElEctro-mEchanical works packagEs, intEgratEd projEct managEmEnt, dElivEry by Alstom, for EUR750 million, of 35 trains EquippEd with catEnary-frEE tEchnology, track-laying, EnErgy supply and tElEcommunications as wEll as control systEms. ThE light rail systEm is schEdulEd to bEgin opErating in 2018 (yEllow linE) and 2020 (grEEn, rEd... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - WE arE currEntly looking for an ExcEptional Construction ManagEr LandscapE for our prEstigious infrastructurE projEct in Doha, Qatar. This infrastructurE dEvElopmEnt is a 38-km² vibrant and spacious mastEr-plannEd urban community that will havE a cohErEnt and sElf-sustaining mix of rEsidEntial, commErcial, rEtail, hospital, rEsort, and EntErtainmEnt vEnuEs. Parsons is rEsponsiblE for program managEmEnt during thE prEConstruction and Construction phasEs. You will bE involvEd in landscapE... ProjEct planning, co-ordination and managEmEnt for landscapE projEct implEmEntation. REporting to thE ProjEct DirEctor, you will bE liaising closEly with CliEnts and Sub-contractors. EnsurE smooth opErations on sitE, REsourcE planning and attEnding sitE mEEtings with CliEnts and providE advicE on thE Construction work. This projEct volEs' a mix of hardscapE and softscapE ElEmEnts, including landscapE for wadi's, natural systEms, mangrovEs, Earth forming and shaping, parks and rEsErvEs, irrigation... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs