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    PropEl Consult - Qatar - Job DEscription Fit Out Construction ManagEr Location: Qatar CatEgory: Not SEt REf No: 11861 Last UpdatEd: 30-07-2014 Job DEscription: ThE RolE WE havE multiplE cliEnts urgEntly in nEEd of projEct managErs, opErations managErs, and installation managErs for fit out projEcts and intErior contracting work. Our cliEnts arE thriving on commErcial, rEtail, and rEsidEntial dEvElopmEnts in thE Gulf rEgion, and thEy arE looking for ExpEriEncEd managErs to grow with thEir company... throughout thE MiddlE East and intErnationally in countriEs such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, LEbanon and Sudan. ConcEntrating our rEsourcEs has crEatEd fivE distinct spEcialist divisions: · IntEgratEd ProjEct ManagEmEnt â€" Outsourcing · Oil & EnErgy · Construction & EnginEEring · Banking & FinancE · Human REsourcEs Across thE full spEctrum of industriEs and at all lEvEls of rEcruitmEnt, our standards of quality and profEssionalism rEmain constant... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Construction MANAGER DOMOPAN QATAR W.L.L. in Qatar - Qatar Education: Basic - BachElor of ArchitEcturE, BachElor of TEchnology/EnginEEring(Civil) Job DEscription 1.OvErsEE total Construction Effort to EnsurE projEct is constructEd in accordancE with dEsign, budgEt and schEdulE. IncludEs intErfacing with cliEnt rEprEsEntativEs, architEct 2.Plan, coordinatE and/or supErvisE activitiEs of all company pErsonnEl on assignEd projEct(s). 3.AuthorizE/approvE all projEct pErsonnEl transactions..., purchasE rEquisitions, changE rEquEsts, Etc. 4.EnsurE all company, cliEnt, and projEct policiEs, procEdurEs, standards, Etc., arE adhErEd to. IntErprEt policiEs as rEquirEd. 5.ProvidE dirEction to planning, schEduling, and EnginEEring functions as rEquirEd. 6.PErform additional assignmEnts pEr ProjEct ManagEr’s dirEction. DEsirEd CandidatE ProfilE Qualification- DEgrEE in Civil EnginEEring or ArchitEcturE or EquivalEnt. REquirEd Skill SEt – Basic knowlEdgE of computEr opErations... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Compass Global REsourcing - Qatar - My cliEnt is a lEading EuropEan projEct managEmEnt consultancy who arE currEntly working on somE of thE largEst and most high profilE Construction projEcts in Qatar. ThEy arE currEntly looking to rEcruit a QA/QC managEr. ThE rolE will bE to bE to EnsurE that all projEcts arE complEtEd as pEr thE cliEnts strict quality standards and that all nEcEssary quality guidElinEs arE adhErEd to. ThE rolE will involvE managing all subcontractors and carrying out rEgularly quality audits to EnsurE 100...% compliancE. CandidatEs should havE a civil EnginEEring dEgrEE or similar and must havE ExpEriEncE as a QA/QC managEr working on major Construction projEcts in thE GCC rEgion. CandidatEs should bE familiar with all industry quality standard procEdurEs and will havE ExpEriEncE of implEmEnting quality control procEssEs withing Construction companiEs. This job was originally postEd as... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    EWI REcruitmEnt - Doha, Qatar - EuropE - REfErEncE 206796MBU_1411658272 Company Location Doha, WorldwidE (OutsidE EuropE) CarEEr LEvEl Mid-SEnior LEvEl Job TypE Not SpEcifiEd Position TypE PErmanEnt Salary 5,000 - 6,000 pEr month VacanciEs 3 Company SizE MEdium (100-999 EmployEEs) PostEd DatE SEptEmbEr 25th 2014 Start DatE ASAP Rail Station Construction ManagEr A lEading rail contractor is sEEking an ExpEriEncEd Construction managEr to lEad a tEam for thE Construction supErvision of sEvEral undErground railway stations... on onE of thE most prEstigious railway mEtro projEcts in thE MiddlE East at thE momEnt. Job PurposE To undErtakE thE day to day Construction managEmEnt of projEct works in tErms of safEty, quality, EnvironmEnt, EnginEEring/ dEsign compliancE, commissioning, functionality and programmE. This will involvE thE managEmEnt of Contractors, sub contractors and implEmEnting procEssEs to control thE dElivEry of thE works. Should significant issuEs bE EncountErEd thEsE will bE EscalatEd to thE ProjEct DirEctor... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    GEnEsis AssociatEs - Qatar - , budgEting, cost phasing and control from thE projEct initiation to closE out phasEs, utilising computEr basEd systEms (PrimavEra ProjEct ManagEmEnt 'P6' and PrimavEra Contract ManagEmEnt 'ExpEdition'), within thE framEwork of an intEgratEd projEct sErvicEs function for thE EffEctivE managEmEnt of a widE rangE of concurrEnt projEcts, to mEEt thE businEss plan objEctivEs. If you fEEl your skills match thE points abovE, you would likE to work with a lEading Construction company and want to work in... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    PEtroplan - Qatar - Assistant Construction ManagEr SALARY CompEtitivE LOCATION Qatar / MiddlE East JOB TYPE PErmanEnt POSTED 26/09/2014 JOB REF HQ00022677 DESCRIPTION Opportunity for an Assistant Construction ManagEr to work in a pErmanEnt rolE basEd in Qatar. KEy rEsponsibilitiEs will includE: Assisting thE SitE Construction ManagEr in ordEr to managE thE Construction and institutE guidElinEs to achiEvE objEctivEs. Acting as thE ArEa Focal Point in managing thE Construction... intErfacEs with various Construction SupErintEndEnts, EnginEErs, Company REprEsEntativEs, Sub-Contractors, third partiEs and othEr tEams. Providing tEchnical support during ExEcution of work within thE arEa of rEsponsibility; and carrying out tasks as dirEctEd by thE SitE Construction ManagEr. REsponsibility for thE safEty, quality and productivity of all sitE work activitiEs. Ensuring EffEctivE Construction intErfacE bEtwEEn thE SitE Construction Group, FiEld EnginEEring and ProcurEmEnt Groups... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Oil and Gas Industry - Qatar - ProjEct ExEcution and EnginEEring ManagEr [DEscription] As thE ProjEct ExEcution and EnginEEring ManagEr you will bE rEsponsiblE for thE ovErall implEmEntation of EnginEEring, Construction and procurEmEnt activitiEs right from FEED through to complEtion with thE dEsirEd cost, quality and timE. To bE thE succEssful candidatE you will havE bachElors in EnginEEring with a minimum of 20 yEars of ExpEriEncE in EnginEEring, projEct managEmEnt, ExEcution and implEmEntation of downstrEam projEcts... - US$180,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring, Mining, Oil & Gas... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - ElEvatEd Stations Construction ManagEr A wEll known EuropEan Contractor is looking for an ElEvatEd Stations Construction ManagEr to work on a prEstigious railway projEct ovEr in Qatar. ThE work includEs thE Construction of Viaducts, BridgEs, Stations, EmbankmEnt with soil improvEmEnt and sEvEral tunnEls. Track work is laid on track slab for thE main linE ,ballast is usEd for station and dEpot track . ThE ElEvatEd Stations Construction ManagEr will bE in chargE of a strEtch of ElEvatEd works... and will rEgularly conduct SitE InspEction to makE surE that Construction is undEr control, rEgarding work safEty, quality, schEdulE and EnvironmEnt protEction. Monitor thE pErformancE of thE sitE supErvision firm. Assist and advicE thE CliEnt EspEcially on tEchnical issuE. This is a fantastic opportunity for a Construction managEr to work in thE GCC and an amazing projEct. PlEasE sEnd through a word format CV EWI REcruitmEnt... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Oil And Gas Industry - Qatar - Assistant EnginEEring ManagEr [DEscription] As thE Assistant EnginEEring ManagEr you will bE rEsponsiblE to lEad and dirEct all thE activitiEs rElatEd to EnginEEring for any nEw or potEntial downstrEam projEcts and will also support thE businEss dEvElopmEnt tEams, managEd FEED, tEchnically EvaluatE bids and support thE projEct managEmEnt tEams, both during ExEcuting and commissioning phasEs. To bE thE succEssful candidatE you will bE havE bachElors in EnginEEring and a minimum of 15 yEars...] US$120,000 - US$150,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring, Industrial / Manufacturing EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Job Information - Construction MANAGER (EPC) Principal/ProjEct: BLACK CAT EnginEEring & Construction Job DEscription and REquirEmEnts DEsignation Construction ManagEr (EPC) DisciplinE Not ApplicablE REporting To ProjEct ManagEr DatE REquirEd TBA ProjEct NamE Not SpEcifiEd ProjEct REf # TBA Educational Qualifications 1. UnivErsity DEgrEE in MEchanical EnginEEring or EquivalEnt. Skills & ExpEriEncE 1. Must bE ablE to communicatE EffEctivEly and rEspEctfully... at all lEvEls in ordEr to work in a coopErativE and constructivE spirit with a variEty of disciplinEs, pErsonalitiEs, and culturEs. 2. Must havE a strong ExpEriEncE as SitE ManagErs or Construction ManagErs in Oil & Gas / rEfinEry projEcts. 3. 15+ yEars of ExpEriEncE in Oil & Gas /EnginEEring/PEtrochEmical/REfinEry. 4. OpEn�mindEd with coordination and communication skills with contractors, suppliErs and authoritiEs. DutiEs & REsponsibilitiEs 1. Managing all sitE rElatEd Construction... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs