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    Qatar - hirEd, sign-up . JOB SEARCH I'm looking for... In location ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: | Qatar: Construction ManagEr (South) - TEsting & Commissioning 25 Jan 2015 10:24 AM - Qatar Job Extract: ProvidEs ovErall dirEction and managEmEnt of complEtEd Construction projEcts rEcEivEd from thE SEnior ProjEct ManagEr bEforE turn ovEr to thE cliEnt. ThE TEsting and Commissioning ProjEct ManagEr must work with thE ProjEct ManagEr to EnsurE that thE projEct opEration paramEtErs a...] AdvErtisEmEnt... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - DutiEs and REsponsibilitiEs: Works with thE various consultants and contractors to dirEct ovErall planning of Construction activitiEs to idEntify critical milEstonEs and prioritiEs undEr thE dirEction of thE Construction ManagEr. Monitors thE major fiEld Construction activitiEs for assignEd Construction packagEs for compliancE with schEdulE and works with contractors to dEvElop mitigation mEasurEs to control schEdulE whEn slippagE is dEtErminEd. Works with thE Construction SupErvision... Smart City StakEholdErs and offEr advicE to thE cliEnt. EnsurEs during thE dEsign and Construction phasEs that thE cliEnt's intErEsts arE mEt and rEports to thE Construction ManagEr if thEy arE not. PrEparEs pEriodic rEports summarizing progrEss of Construction activitiEs for Construction ManagEr. Supports thE Construction ManagEr in maintaining strong cliEnt and community rElations. Follows up on instructions and commitmEnts associatEd with thE Construction projEct. CoordinatEs RFI... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Parsons IntErnational - Qatar - WE arE currEntly rEcruiting for a ProjEct ManagEr - DEsign REviEw, you will managE all dEsign rElatEd activitiEs for a major multi-million dollar projEct. IntEract with CliEnts, Contractors, and Consultants throughout thE projEct dEsign lifEcyclE. ProvEn ExpEriEncE dEaling with prE-contract dEsign and post-contract DEsign & Build works. - You will participatE in stratEgic rEviEws of DEsign activitiEs for spEcific projEcts. - ProvidE contractual and tEchnical guidancE to assignEd pErsonnEl.... - Bsc DEgrEE in DEsign / ArchitEcturE / Quantity SurvEying / Construction. - 15 yEars of dEsign rEviEw and managEmEnt ExpEriEncE within a largE intErnational EnginEEring or Construction firm, at lEast 10 of thEm working in a similar capacity or similar companiEs supporting largE Construction and infrastructurE projEcts. - ExpEriEncE working in thE MiddlE East is prEfErrEd. - HavE a working knowlEdgE of PC softwarE packagEs typically associatEd with contract administration. - ProvEn... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Parsons IntErnational - Doha, Qatar - WE arE currEntly rEcruiting for an Assistant Construction ManagEr- ElEctrical to support our growing prEstigious Multibillion dollar infrastructurE projEct in Qatar. You will pErform EnginEEring assignmEnts using convEntion or innovativE EnginEEring tEchniquEs and analysEs undEr thE guidancE of a SEnior ElEctrical EnginEEr. At this lEvEl, thE EnginEEr is fully proficiEnt in thE utilization of standard EnginEEring thEoriEs and practicEs. SomE assignmEnts involvE CAE (computEr aidEd EnginEEring... and officE towErs. ExpEriEncE in HV/LV projEcts and ElEctrical distribution, sub stations, controls and Construction within officE and rEsidEntial buildings. ExpEriEncEd in thE intErfacing of mEchanical EquipmEnt with ElEctrical control systEms. KnowlEdgE and ExpEriEncE with dEsign of largE scalE ElEctrical systEms and infrastructurE. Must havE Qatar ExpEriEncE complEmEntEd with othEr ExpEriEncE, prEfErably GCC. PrEfErably bilingual (Arabic & English) with ExcEllEnt writtEn and oral... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    EnErgi REcruitmEnt SErvicEs LimitEd - Doha, Qatar - will possEss thE following: - WEstErn EducatEd, idEally with a DEgrEE in Quantity SurvEying and MRICS chartErEd status. - Minimum of 15 yEars of ExpEriEncE in thE MEP Building sErvicEs industry, holding thE position of MEP CommErcial ManagEr, for a minimum of 5 yEars, on major MEP Construction projEcts. - ProvEn background in lEading largE commErcial tEams within MEP subcontracting organisations. - ExpEriEncE using FIDIC forms of contract is EssEntial - ExcEllEnt communication and nEgotiating skills...This is a fantastic opportunity, for an EstablishEd MEP CommErcial ManagEr to lEad thE Quantity SurvEying and commErcial activitiEs on a multi-million pound projEct. ThE company concErnEd arE onE of thE MiddlE East`s largEst MEP Contractors, with an EnviablE projEct portfolio. ThEy havE bEEn EstablishEd in thE rEgion for ovEr 3 dEcadEs, with officEs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Riyadh, dElivEring somE of thE largEst and most innovativE projEcts in thE world. ThE succEssful candidatE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    MEdha Hr - Doha, Qatar - Job DEscription Construction ManagEr - Cross Country PipElinE MEDHA HR CONSULTANTS – Mumbai, Maharashtra GrEEtings, WE havE an urgEnt hiring for onE of thE most lEading oil & gas company locatEd in Qatar. Position:- Construction ManagEr - PipElinE Job DEscription:- REports to: ProjEct ManagEr Primary functions: Fully rEsponsiblE for cross country pipElinE Construction. Must bE fully convErsant with various intErnational standards. AblE to ExEcutE as pEr KEy Plan / RoutE Map.../ExpEriEncE: BachElors DEgrEE in MEchanical EnginEEring 5-8 yEars ExpEriEncE of Construction of cross country pipElinEs. SpEcific skills and knowlEdgE: KnowlEdgE of ASME B 31.4 and B 31.8 codEs would bE an advantagE. CandidatEs should havE minimum GCC ExpEriEncEs (Gulf) around 2 to 4 yEars. PErsonal compEtEnciEs: • IndEpEndEnt sElf startEr, proactivE, tEam playEr with good intErpErsonal and ablE to do intEr-disciplinE co-ordination and possEss good communication skills with cliEnts... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Solid GEnEral Construction - Qatar - Location: Qatar CatEgory: Administration,OthEr Jobs,ProjEct ManagEr DatE: Nov 30, 2014 Salary: NEgotiablE CurrEncy: QAR DEscription: Construction ManagErs REquirEmEnts: 10 YEars Minimum ExpEriEncE Should havE good communication AttractivE salary CandidatEs with a transfErablE visa Additional Information CatEgory: ManagErs / Administrator, ExpEriEncE REquirEd: 01 to 02 YEars, GEndEr: Any, Location: Qatar... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    LEading EnginEEring and Consruction Company - Doha, Qatar - ProvidEs ovErall dirEction and managEmEnt of complEtEd Construction projEcts rEcEivEd from thE SEnior ProjEct ManagEr bEforE turn ovEr to thE cliEnt. ThE TEsting and Commissioning ProjEct ManagEr must work with thE ProjEct ManagEr to EnsurE that thE projEct opEration paramEtErs arE wEll undErstood and provEn and sErvE as a commissioning subjEct mattEr ExpErt, projEct managEr and CliEnt Coordinator for Lusail and projEcts. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: REviEw and audit projEct spEcific plans... and procEdurEs in rElation to prE-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and pErformancE tEsting of facilitiEs. ImplEmEnt thE stratEgiEs dEvElopEd by thE Commissioning managEr for thE commissioning activitiEs. REviEw and audit thE individual projEct commissioning plans and procEdurEs from Contractors in addition to HSSE procEdurEs, including Lock Out/Tag Out, to EnsurE thE safEty of pErsonnEl during prE-commissioning and commissioning. WitnEss kEy tEsts for building systEms, mEchanical and ElEctrical... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - Our cliEnt is a JapanEsE main contractor and arE working on somE of thE largEst and most prEstigious fit out projEcts primarily in thE hotEl, rEsidEntial and hospitality sEctor. WE havE bEEn briEfEd to sourcE an ExpEriEncEd Construction managEr for a major projEct in Doha. This Construction ManagEr's rolE is to work on a major HotEl projEct in Doha. It is EssEntial that you will havE prior contracting ExpEriEncE on projEcts of this typE and you must havE a track rEcord of working... - Contract - Full-timE Related Jobs

    ACRWORLD PTY - Qatar - SEnior ProjEct ManagEr (Construction) Buildings. Qatar About thE Company: MEdium sizEd, GCC Contracting Company EstablishEd ovEr 30 yEars ago. Known for dElivEring projEcts from dEsign through EnginEEring to Construction across thE rEgion. SpEcialist sEctors includE Buildings, InfrastructurE, and PowEr. ThE company EmployEEs ovEr 400 staff across UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. ThEy havE dElivErEd ovEr 800 projEcts in thE REgion and arE highly rEgardEd as a trust worthy contractor. About thE... RolE: SEnior ProjEct ManagEr to dElivEr Building Construction projEcts from start to hand ovEr in Qatar. MixEd usE, mEdium sizEd projEcts. Work as NumbEr 1 on projEcts through to complEtion. Skills rEquirEd: • Expat - WEstErn or Arabic SpEaking • DEgrEE in Construction/ EnginEEring • 5+ yEars GCC ExpEriEncE • 15+ yEars in Construction ManagEmEnt rolE with Contractors • ProvEn track rEcord dElivEring Construction Building projEcts BEnEfits: Join an EstablishEd... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs