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    Doha, Qatar - Job Information - Construction MANAGER Principal/ProjEct: HXSTEEL INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING W.L.L. Job DEscription and REquirEmEnts HUMANIA INTERNATIONAL INC. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A QUALIFIED CANDIDATES FOR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN DOHA QATAR in coopEration with our partnEr HXSTEEL INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING W.L.L. Construction MANAGER QUALIFICATION EXPERIENCE: Construction ManagEr (2): Min 5 yEars ExpEriEncE workEd on thE similar post at a EnginEEring Construction company... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Qatar - MultiplE OpEnings(ManagErs&abovE)for Construction of IntErnational Footbal Stadium at Qatar! - Add DEscription Positions: Construction ManagEr, ProjEct ManagEr, GEnEral ManagEr, QA/QC ManagEr, Planning ManagEr, Estimation ManagEr, BusinEss DEvElopmEnt ManagEr No. of Positions: 10 Work Location: Qatar ExpEriEncE: 8-25 yrs Qualification: EnginEEring DEgrEE in Civil Industry: Contracting companiEs ONLY Mandatory CritErias to bE mEt by all candidatEs submittEd for any of thE... positions 1. Must havE workEd on projEcts likE Football Stadium or FIFA Stadium (MANDATORY). 2. Should havE workEd in a Construction contracting company bEforE. Job DEtails DatE PostEd: 2014-09-10 Job Location: Doha, Qatar Job RolE: EnginEEring Company Industry: Construction; Construction/Civil EnginEEring PrEfErrEd CandidatE CarEEr LEvEl: ManagEmEnt GEndEr: MalE DEgrEE: BachElor's dEgrEE / highEr diploma Job DEtails Job REf: 23925 Location: UnitEd Arab EmiratEs, UnitEd Arab EmiratEs... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    SavilE Lloyd - Qatar - Our cliEnt, an intErnational main contractor who is currEntly involvEd in a JV partnErship is sEEking a Claims ManagEr to join thEm on thE mEga mEtro projEct thEy havE bEEn awardEd basEd in Qatar ThE idEal candidatE will bE rEsponsiblE for coordinating with Construction, planning, and sub contract admin tEams, liaising with CommErcial TEam ManagErs. IdEntifying dElaying EvEnts, disruption and accElEration, prEparation of TimE Impact Analysis (TIA) and liaising with TIA DElay Analysis tEams... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Parsons IntErnational - Doha, Qatar - Job DEscription Position OvErviEw Supports thE Construction ManagEr with on-sitE fiEld Construction managEmEnt activitiEs associatEd with thE complEtion of assignEd Construction packagE(s). Supports thE pErformancE monitoring of thE Construction supErvision tEam to confirm compliancE with contractual rEquirEmEnts as assignEd by thE Construction ManagEr. AppliEs a comprEhEnsivE knowlEdgE of various disciplinEs to bE usEd during Construction, as wEll as thE mEthods and tEchniquEs... to bE utilizEd for installation; contractual obligations and tEchnical aspEcts of all itEms to bE constructEd. Supports thE Construction ManagEr in thE managEmEnt of Construction projEcts to monitor on-schEdulE complEtion within or bElow budgEt in accordancE with contractual obligations; and monitors risks/problEms and hElps dEvElop options to rEsolvE and rEviEw/approval of thE daily and wEEkly rEports. DutiEs and REsponsibilitiEs: Works with thE various consultants and contractors to implEmEnt... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Oil and Gas Industry - Qatar - ProjEct ExEcution and EnginEEring ManagEr [DEscription] As thE ProjEct ExEcution and EnginEEring ManagEr you will bE rEsponsiblE for thE ovErall implEmEntation of EnginEEring, Construction and procurEmEnt activitiEs right from FEED through to complEtion with thE dEsirEd cost, quality and timE. To bE thE succEssful candidatE you will havE bachElors in EnginEEring with a minimum of 20 yEars of ExpEriEncE in EnginEEring, projEct managEmEnt, ExEcution and implEmEntation of downstrEam projEcts... - US$180,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring, Mining, Oil & Gas... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - REsponsiblE for witnEssing & coordinating with 3rd party for tEsting cErtificatEs vErification & all incoming matErial inspEctions; prEparing Construction plans; provisions & analysis. Quality chEcking; sitE inspEction; structural inspEction Etc RolE Quality AssurancE/Quality Control ManagEr RolE Catagory Production/Manufacturing/MaintEnancE KEy skills Quality Control ManagEr Quality AssurancE Quality inspEctionQuality CEntrE tEst dirEctorqualityqa qc quality control six sigma... inspEctionquality managEr quality hEad qa managEr quality EnginEEr Functional ArEa Industry TypE EnginEEring -civil/Construction/InfrastructurE Salary RangE Not MEntionEd Job PostEd DatE 12/09/2014 QA QC ManagEr / Doha / dt 10th sEpt , 2014 CandidatE DEsirEd ProfilE ExpEriEncE 20 - 22 YEars. Qualification... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Oil And Gas Industry - Qatar - Assistant EnginEEring ManagEr [DEscription] As thE Assistant EnginEEring ManagEr you will bE rEsponsiblE to lEad and dirEct all thE activitiEs rElatEd to EnginEEring for any nEw or potEntial downstrEam projEcts and will also support thE businEss dEvElopmEnt tEams, managEd FEED, tEchnically EvaluatE bids and support thE projEct managEmEnt tEams, both during ExEcuting and commissioning phasEs. To bE thE succEssful candidatE you will bE havE bachElors in EnginEEring and a minimum of 15 yEars...] US$120,000 - US$150,000 [Working Hours] Full-TimE [Contract] PErmanEnt [CatEgoriEs] Construction / Civil EnginEEring, Industrial / Manufacturing EnginEEring [IndustriEs] EnginEEring... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - Our cliEnt is a markEt lEading Main Contractor within Transportation InfrastructurE (MEtro). ThEy arE currEntly looking to rEcruit an MEP Construction ManagEr to supplEmEnt thEir Existing dElivEry tEam on a vEry Exciting MEtro projEct in Doha. RolE & REsponsibilitiEs OvErviEw Ø DEsign Coordination Ø LiaisE with CliEnt and PMC on all rElatEd MEP issuEs Ø AttEnd wEEkly mEEtings and rEprEsEnt JV rEgarding all MEP rElatEd issuEs Ø LiaisE with various EnginEEring disciplinEs including Civil... or similar from a rEcognisEd univErsity. Ø 15 yEars industry ExpEriEncE Ø Minimum 8 yEars' ExpEriEncE as MEP Construction ManagEr, dElivEring multi-million pound MEP packagEs Ø A clEar tEchnical undErstanding of thE latEst MEP tEchnology, LV/MV powEr supply, SwitchgEar, TransformErs, HVAC, CCTV, SEwagE Pumps, Lighting and associatEd Rail SystEms disciplinEs in a Rail/MEtro EnvironmEnt. Ø Strong CommErcially; UndErstand thE DEsign & Build contract in ordEr to kEEp firm grasp on variations Ø ExpEriEncE... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Digby Morris Ltd - Qatar - CommErcial ManagEr REf:NK/13899 Digby Morris' cliEnt is a lEading global consultancy, offEring a rangE of sErvicEs to thE Construction industry, markEts includE transportation, powEr, facilitiEs, EnvironmEntal, watEr and govErnmEnt. ThEy havE bEEn appointEd by thE Qatar 2022 SuprEmE CommittEE as Cost Consultant, projEcts will includE sEvEral iconic stadiums. ThEy currEntly rEquirE a CommErcial ManagEr for Stadium projEcts to bE basEd in Doha, Qatar. REsponsibilitiEs *ProvidE commErcial... and contract support for thE Construction stagE of thE projEct. *ProvidE projEct controls support. *CommunicatE EffEctivEly with othEr staff mEmbErs and cliEnts. *DElivEr all work outputs in an accuratE and timEly mannEr. *CommErcial ManagEr must bE ablE to takE a briEf from a cliEnt and dElivEr clEar outputs. *CapablE of closing out commErcial and contract issuEs. *UndErstand and comply with businEss risk and projEct dElivEry paramEtErs including commErciality in rEspEct of agrEEd scopEs... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs

    Doha, Qatar - MEP Construction ManagEr Louis BErgEr in Doha - Qatar Job DEscription Louis BErgEr currEntly sEEks for an MEP Construction ManagEr. ThE succEssful candidatE will work undEr thE dirEction of thE ProjEct ManagEr. ThE rEsponsibilitiEs of thE MEP Construction ManagEr is to lEad thE Effort in coordinating and managing thE MEP tradEs on major Construction projEcts. This candidatE will work with ProjEct tEam to EnsurE succEssful complEtion of all MEP tradE work. Job REsponsibilitiEs... of trains , othEr low currEnt systEms , control and rEmotE opEration systEms. BachElor’s dEgrEE in Construction ManagEmEnt or EnginEEring prEfErrEd. 10-12 yEars of ExpEriEncE in Construction/MEP projEcts. ExpEriEncEd dEaling with MEP subcontracts and subcontractors. HavE provEn track rEcord as a ProjEct ManagEr on hEalthcarE rElatEd projEcts with largE MEP scopEs. REquirEd to havE a strong tEchnical background in MEP projEcts, and should havE at lEast 2 full lifE cyclE projEct ExpEriEncE working... - PErmanEnt - Full-timE Related Jobs